To qualify for the Whistleblower Protection Program (WBPP), you must be or have been an employee of a U.S. air carrier, or a contractor or subcontractor of a U.S. air carrier who has reported a potential safety violation to their company or the FAA AND who has been discriminated against because they made that report.

A PERSONAL REMEDY FOR DISCRIMINATION IS ONLY AVAILABLE THROUGH THE U. S. DEPARTMENT OF LABOR, OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY AND HEALTH ADMINISTRATION (OSHA). You must file a WBPP complaint with OSHA within 90 DAYS of the discrimination event. This notification advises the FAA but is not a substitute for filing the required complaint with OSHA. To file a complaint of job discrimination under the Whistleblower Protection Program AIR21 law, go to

  • NOTE: The WBPP does not accept anonymous inputs. Anonymous safety disclosures should be made to

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  • NOTE: A claim of intimidation requires a viable immediate threat, made in real time. Yelling at an employee, general threats and innuendos may not meet the definition of intimidation in isolation.
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Please provide sufficient detail to determine the scope and type of violation. Include dates/aircraft numbers/part types and numbers/airport information/witnesses as appropriate. Attachments are not allowed.

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Thank you for your input. This office will conduct an intake review of your safety disclosure. If assigned for investigation, an FAA investigator will contact you. The FAA's investigation and findings are completely independent of any investigation OSHA may conduct based on your complaint.